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Winston-Salem Clinical Lecture Series @ Northwest Area Health Education Center, Deacon Tower Learning Center 475 Deacon Blvd., Winston-Salem, NC 27105 Google Map

Date: September 26, 2018, Wednesday, 10 am – 12 pm


Currently the field of psychotherapy is undergoing a movement toward mindfulness and acceptance-based therapies. Some are calling this the “third wave” of behavioral therapies—the first wave was pure behaviorism, the second wave added cognition, and mindfulness and acceptance are the third wave. This workshop will provide an introduction to therapies such as Acceptance and Commitment, Dialectical Behavior Therapy and other mindfulness approaches, by discussing their common elements. These common elements focus on accepting cognitions rather than attempting to alter or dispute them.

Presenter Bio:

Marilyn Ghezzi, MSW, LCSW is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the UNC -Chapel Hill School of Social Work and teaches courses on mental health theory and practice, group work, brief treatment, dialectical behavior therapy and many other mental health topics. Prior to joining the faculty in 2008, Marilyn worked as a clinical social worker in the public mental health system for 24 years. Marilyn continues to practice as a clinical social worker including providing clinical supervision to mental health professionals. Marilyn also presents AHEC workshops on group work, ethical issues in DSM-5, working with severe and persistently mentally ill, and treating borderline personality disorder. She has won numerous teaching awards since joining the faculty at UNC Chapel Hill including the 2017 Distinguished Teaching Award for Post-baccalaureate Instruction.

Participants completing this event will be able to:
1. Articulate the major differences between “Third Wave” approaches and traditional Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
2. Understand why these new therapies were developed and how to learn more about these approaches.
3. Describe two therapy interventions that are common to all the Acceptance and Mindfulness therapies.