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We are currently in the process of planning lectures for the 2021-2022 year.

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Past Programs

picture of Monnica WilliamsIf your clients are not talking about racism — What are you doing wrong?

Monnica Williams, Ph.D.

Dr. Williams will spell out deliberate steps for building allyship from the start of therapy, as well as how to recognize, avoid, and repair inadvertent micro-aggressions that can occur.


picture of Andrew Watkins

The Psychotherapeutic Potency of Hip Hop

Andrew Watkins, LCSWA

Andrew Watkins will draw from Hip Hop (the most listened to genre in the U.S.) to facilitate critical self-reflection and emotional expression among participants, and to contribute to validation and empowerment among clients.


Picture of Rani VargheseClinical Praxis: Applying a social-justice lens to direct practice with clients

Rani Varghese, MSW, Ed.D.

In this interactive and experiential workshop, Dr. Varghese will engage participants with anti-oppressive theory and practice, critical self-reflection, and skills to foster transparency, accountability, and shared power.


Picture of Hillary Rubesin

Picture of Laurie Selz-Campbell

Expressive Arts for the Present Moment

Hillary Rubesin, PhD, LPCS, REAT and Laurie Selz-Campbell, MSW, CPRP

Join in as a self-care break and also to learn how to share expressive arts therapy while socially distanced, at a time when anxiety, isolation, and losses are high and access to healthful outlets are limited.


picture of April Harris-BrittDiagnosis and Treatment in Cultural Context

April Harris-Britt, Ph.D.

The coronavirus pandemic has heightened systems disparities. Dr. Harris-Britt will raise critical questions for clinicians to consider in their assessment and treatment of individuals and families, whose functioning is impacted by multilayered systems.



picture of Rachel Goodepicture of Charlynn Smallpicture of Mazella FullerEating Disorder Risks and Strategies during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Rachel Goode, Ph.D., MPH, LCSW; Charlynn Small, Ph.D. & Mazella Fuller, Ph.D.

Pandemic-exacerbated distress and lack of healthful outlets feed into disordered eating. Drs. Goode, Small, and Fuller will share strategies to help vulnerable clients with present-moment awareness and self-care.


picture of Raye Dooley

The Professional is Political: Ethical nuances in providing transgender affirming mental health care

Raye Dooley, MPH, LCSWA

Raye Dooley will engage participants around ethical practices to support transgender clients and clients with gender dysphoria from an intersectional perspective that reduces harm and contributes to liberation.


picture of Karon JohnsonLiving Ethics: A Cross-Cultural Perspective

Karon Johnson, LCSW

It is ethical practice to be prepared to work with a diverse population. Participants will explore best practices regarding competence, humility, use of self and boundaries, and critical self-reflection.