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Description: This hands-on, interactive presentation will provide a brief overview of families’ perspectives of current navigation services in NC and previous research and work in this area. Participants will learn about a new online resource, the NC Family Navigation Guide, that was developed in collaboration with a statewide interagency committee of professionals and families. Presenters will walk through the online Guide and use case studies to illustrate its use with families.┬áParticipants will have the opportunity to practice using this resource.

Learning objectives: By end of the workshop, participants will be able to

  1. Describe the NCNC Family Navigation Guide.
  2. Discuss how they would use the Guide for family navigation services in North Carolina.


Headshot of Elizabeth CraisElizabeth Crais, Ph.D. is a Professor at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Her research includes identification and intervention of young children with ASD. She has had multiple ASD-focused research grants, and with colleagues has developed ASD screening tools, and both home-based parent-mediated and preschool-based interventions for children with ASD. In addition, her work has included examining family perspectives about the services they receive for their child with a disability, particularly family navigation. She has strong collaborations with interdisciplinary faculty and professionals at the Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities, Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute, UNC Pediatrics, UNC Social Work Program, School of Education, and Autism Society of North Carolina.


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