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Transition to DSM-5: Navigating changes for practitioners

 (In progress of setting up the recorded webinar for credit. Feel free to watch videos. Check back soon for ways to register and receive CEU)

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After two decades in development and negotiations, the fifth version of the APA’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) is now here. In this workshop, Mehul Mankad will provide an overview of DSM-5 and how to use it in clinical practice. He will explain the goals and rationale of the latest diagnostic system and highlight the categories which have changed most significantly from its predecessor, DSM-IV.  Participants will become familiar with the structure of DSM-5 as well as how they can incorporate it into their current practice.

Bio: Mehul Mankad, MD is a board certified forensic psychiatrist and a Clinical Associate Professor at  the Department of Psychiatry at the Duke University Medical Center, who is primarily based at the Durham VA Medical Center.  He is one of two delegates from North Carolina who participated in an in-depth training on DSM-5 by the American Psychiatric Association, and will be offering workshops throughout the state. He is an active clinician-educator at the VA and participates in system redesign efforts for mental health service delivery in VA medical centers in the mid-Atlantic states.   




printable handouts based on webinar

DSM-5 Assessment Tools

Three-part video: