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Description:  Research demonstrates that self-compassion is significantly linked to increased happiness, vitality, motivation and optimism and decreased anxiety, depression and stress. Even more promising, self-compassion has been demonstrated to be a mutable trait–cultivated through the practice of guided meditations and daily informal exercises and meditations. In this workshop, Karen Bluth and Laura Prochnow Phillips will provide the foundation of mindful self-compassion practice. Participants will gain an understanding of the components of self-compassion, misgivings of self-compassion, and directly experience a number of practices which cultivate self-compassion. These practices can be instrumental to mental health practitioners both for their own self-care as well as helping clients.


Image result for karen bluthKaren Bluth, Ph.D, is Associate Director of the program on Mindfulness-Based Stress and Pain Management, at the University of North Carolina  School of Medicine. She is also an instructor with Laura Prochnow Phillips through the UNC program on integrative Medicine of Mindful Self-compassion, an Internationally acclaimed 8 week course created by Dr. Kristin Neff and Dr. Chris Germer. Dr. Bluth is also co-author of Making friends with Yourself: A Mindful Self-Compassion Program for Teens (forthcoming, New Harbinger Press), the teen adaptation of Neff & Germer’s Mindful Self-Compassion Course. In addition, she is research faculty at UNC Physical  Medicine and Rehabilitation and Associate Editor of the academic journal Mindfulness. She has studied and cultivated a personal mindfulness practice for 40 years.


Laura Prochnow Phillips is the founder and owner of Evolve Integrative Health Coaching LLC in Chapel Hill, NC.  She  is an Integrative Health Coach, a graduate of the Integrative Health Coaching Professional Training program and a candidate in the advanced Certification Program at Duke Integrative Medicine, and she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Duke University and a Master’s degree from The George Washington University.   Laura offers guided meditations as part of her health coaching sessions to assist clients in rooting their attention to the present moment, in reducing stress and anxiety, and in increasing mindful self-compassion.  She also regularly teaches mindful self-compassion classes in the Chapel Hill area.

Slides|| printable handouts: 3 slides with notes || 6 slides per page || references

Clinical Lecture Series at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Social Work

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