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Description: North Carolina is in the process of Medicaid Transformation (Medicaid Managed Care) to shift the approach of Medicaid service delivery from each unit of service provided to a holistic and integrated system of services for Medicaid beneficiaries.  While the intent is to make this a seamless transition for Medicaid beneficiaries, there are new roles and new access opportunities that individuals with disabilities and their families can use to strengthen and improve their services and supports. This session will provide the latest information on Medicaid Transformation in North Carolina with a focus on the areas of transformation that are most meaningful to Medicaid beneficiaries and their families.  

Learning objectives: By end of the workshop, participants will be able to

  1. Describe the vision and infrastructure of Medicaid Managed Care.
  2. Identify the new roles and foci in Medicaid Managed Care.
  3. Explain ways that Medicaid beneficiaries with disabilities and their families can drive their services and supports in Medicaid Managed Care.

Headshot of Ann RodriguezTrainer: Ann Rodriguez, MHA is the Executive Director of the i2i Center for Integrative Health. The i2i Center is a neutral convener in the BH/IDD public system. Ann is an experienced facilitator and plays an integral part in all aspects of collaborative development and values the partnerships and collaborations with all stakeholders of the MH/IDD/SUD system. Ann’s early professional experience included legislative support to the US Senate as well as nursing home administration. Since 1994, through her work with the NC Council of Community Programs, she further developed her skills in lobbying, facilitation, and policy development. Ann holds a Master of Health Administration from Tulane University and a BA in Sociology from the University of Maryland. She is a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator in North Carolina.


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