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Description: While spirituality is a common theme in substance abuse counseling, it tends to be otherwise avoided by clinicians for reasons including, “I don’t know enough about it, separation of church and state, and the possible benefit of religion/spirituality does not outweigh the pitfalls.” Yet spirituality is integral to many people’s journeys and exploring spiritual themes and beliefs can uncover deeply held attitudes, desires, and resistance. In this session, Mr. Yancey will offer practical suggestions for “getting with” this part of your client’s world, including those not working with substance abusers.

Stan Yancey_photoTrainer: Stan Yancey has a psychotherapy practice in Raleigh seeing adolescents, adults, couples, and families, and is a part of the Spiritual Care Department for WakeMed Health and Hospital Systems coordinating the Care Network and Urban Clinical Pastoral Education program. Mr. Yancey is a clinical member of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors, has taught at Campbell University Divinity School, and regularly provides consultation and lectures for human service, religious, and other professional audiences.


UNC Chapel Hill School of Social Work Clinical Lecture Series

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