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Bohdan Hrynewych_photoDescription: This workshop addresses practical concerns in starting and running effective support groups—whether for individuals with specific mental health diagnoses, their families, or people facing normal developmental issues, such as adolescents entering adulthood or older adults facing their last years. Drawing from principles of group dynamics, cognitive therapy, and mind-body-spirit approaches, Bohdan Hrynewych provides guidance for new and experienced group leaders on how to enhance participation, contend with conflict and/or domination by group members, and incorporate experiential and mindfulness techniques into group work.

Trainer: Bohdan Hrynewych works with individuals, families, and groups, in Raleigh and Chapel Hill, in private practice as a member of HRC Behavioral Healthcare and Psychiatric Services PA. Mr. Hrynewych has 20 years of experience, which includes having been the coordinator of adolescent dual diagnosis treatment at Duke Hospital and the clinical director of adult outpatient services at the Duke Addictions Program, where he developed, ran, and supervised a broad variety of groups. His original training in group work was with Dr. David Hawkins, and he has been a trainer for group leaders since 1994.


Clinical Lecture Series at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Social Work

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