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Trauma work involves exposure to painful memories and emotions, including shame, grief, anger, sadness. Because exposure work holds risks of re-traumatization as well as potential escalation of negative coping behaviors, practitioners need to gauge when and how it is appropriate to proceed. In this workshop, Michael Lambert will focus on healing work with individuals who have experienced multiple or complex trauma and highlight areas for mindfulness along this journey. This includes how to ground oneself as a guide in healing work that is also painful, while following the client’s lead, and assessing for risk factors and vulnerabilities along the way. Dr. Lambert draws from his teaching and treatment experience in using trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy as well as psychodynamic approaches including body memory perspective in terms of trauma and will illustrate with case examples and narratives.

Michael Lambert

Michael Lambert, PhD 
is a Professor of Social Work at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he teaches on evidence-based interventions, violence and trauma, and direct practice with individuals and families. His areas of expertise and research include trauma, violence prevention, emotional development, and cross-cultural competency. As a licensed psychologist, he also provides services to children, adults, and families at 3C Family Services in Cary, and previously practiced in variety of settings. Dr. Lambert has received many awards, including Outstanding Scientist of the 20th Century, Fellow of the International Academy for Intercultural Research, and serves as adviser to Know Violence, a global learning initiative aimed at promoting evidence based advocacy for the prevention of violence in childhood. Recently he was ranked as one of 14 top Black Social Work researchers nationally.

Full-size SLIDES | Printable handouts: 3-per-page-with-notes or 6-per-page

Clinical Lecture Series at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Social Work


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