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Martica Bacallao_photoPaul Smokowski_photoDescription: Psychodrama is a therapeutic approach that involves improvisational action based on creativity and spontaneity. Drawing on their experience as certified psychodramatists and instructors of psychodrama techniques, Ms. Bacallao and Dr. Smokowski will present powerful techniques for working with clients in the here-and-now to explore past, present, and future life events, enact problems and their possible solutions, and safely practice new roles. These techniques can be used to augment therapeutic work with individuals, couples, families, or in group work.

Trainers: Paul Smokowski, an assistant professor of social work at UNC-CH, teaches clinical practice with families and psychodrama in clinical practice. Martica Bacallao, a doctoral candidate at UNC-CH, a lecturer at UNC-Greensboro, and the President of the Multiple Family Group Therapy Association, conducts workshops on sociodrama. Dr. Smokowski and Ms. Bacallao are currently working together on a project that promotes biculturalism to prevent youth violence.


Clinical Lecture Series of the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill School of Social Work

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