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Description: In this workshop, Dr. Joines demonstrates how knowledge about partners’ personality adaptations can be a useful tool in couples work. By understanding personality adaptations, practitioners can guide partners to connect, communicate, and problem-solve with each other more easily and to steer clear of “stuck places.” Dr. Joines also describes how knowledge about personality adaptations predicts when couples will do well and when they are more likely to struggle, and the reasons for this. Throughout, Dr. Joines illustrates this approach by drawing on specific examples from his work.

Vann Joines_photoTrainer: Vann Joines, a clinical psychologist, licensed marital and family therapist, certified group therapist, and certified transactional analyst, is President and Director of the Southeast Institute for Group and Family Therapy. His work includes co-authoring Personality Adaptations: A new Guide to Human Understanding for Psychotherapists and Counselors and the creation of the Joines Personality Adaptation Questionnaire and the JPAQ Administration, Scoring and Interpretive Manual. Dr. Joines was the winner of the 1994 Eric Berne Memorial Award for Integration of TA with other theories and approaches. Dr. Joines has lectured and taught workshops throughout the United States and has been the Keynote Speaker at conferences of the Transactional Analysis Association of Japan and Brazil. His work has been featured on videotapes, including by the International Transactional Analysis Association.


UNC Chapel Hill School of Social Work Clinical Lecture Series

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