03-21-2017 – Navigating New Motherhood w/ Sarah Verbiest, MSW, PhD

February 5, 2019

Description:  This presentation will describe the importance of the Fourth Trimester (the 3 months following a birth) and the overlooked opportunities for health promotion and disease prevention. The speaker will highlight links between maternal health and wellbeing and infant development … Continued

09-25-2017 – Motivation & Habit Formation w/ Dan Ariely, Ph.D.

February 5, 2019

Description: As psychotherapists, we strive to help people identify and change unhelpful patterns and to establish more effective, value-congruent behaviors. In this workshop, Dan Ariely will upend some of our operating assumptions about motivation and habit-formation with findings from his … Continued

01-27-2017 – Mindful Self Compassion Core Skills Workshop w/ Kristin Neff, PhD & Chris Germer PhD

August 6, 2018

Description:  Research demonstrates that self-compassion is significantly linked to increased happiness, vitality, motivation and optimism and decreased anxiety, depression and stress. Even more promising, self-compassion has been demonstrated to be a mutable trait–cultivated through the practice of guided meditations and daily informal exercises and meditations. … Continued